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Press: SF Chronicle

We must reinvent how we value and protect broad swaths of the labor market if we are to emerge from this pandemic—by Lily Janiak for San Francisco Chronicle, March 2021

Interview with collective member Rhiannon Evans MacFadyen and photographed at Radian Gallery on the last day of Seen x Unseen.

Invisibility Projects, News & Updates

News: Seen × Unseen Opens Dec 5th

Seen × Unseen
December 5–30, 2020 at Radian Gallery
Reception Saturday, December 5, 2020 at 12 PM PST

The Invisibility Collective and invited guest artists assemble an exhibition that is the culmination of months of virtual “COVID conversations” from the West Coast to the East Coast of the USA. Looking at various ways that people express their feelings about the intersection of being seen and not seen. In Seen × Unseen, the Collective explore the many aspects of what it means to be invisible and present ways of becoming more aware of how this status affects us. Each of the collective’s members have asked questions about their experiences with invisibility and have invited a guest artist to broaden the conversation into our wider community. Together and individually we are exploring this intersection of being seen and unseen.


Collective Members:
Lonnie Graham
Susan R. Kirshenbaum
Rhiannon Evans MacFadyen
Samira Shaheen
Angela Tirrell

Invited Artists:
Mary Graham
Sophia Green
Rell Rushin
Sawyer Rose
John Stone
Christopher M. Tandy (Courtesy of Glass Rice Gallery, SF)
Nancy Willis

For more information, email Susan at

REGISTER on Eventbrite for a time to visit on Opening day, Saturday, Dec 5 from noon – 6pm. Visits to the gallery are by appointment. There will be art talks and additional events. Check back!