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Named for the sanctuary of Athena frequented by poets and scholars, this virtual reading room (magazine, blog, etc.) is a repository for news, research, projects, artists, and testimonies on the wide topic of Invisibility.

  • Research — The articles, books, media, and resources we are inspired by, influenced by, and use in our work
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  • Testimonies — Personal testimonies of invisibility, collected from contributors by member of our Collective

Press: SF Chronicle

We must reinvent how we value and protect broad swaths of the labor market if we are to emerge from this pandemic—by Lily Janiak for San Francisco Chronicle, March 2021 Interview with collective member Rhiannon Evans MacFadyen and photographed at Radian Gallery on the last day of Seen x Unseen.

Seen × Unseen Spotify Playlist

In honor of the inaugural exhibition by The Invisibility Collective, we have made a Spotify playlist to immerse yourself into the nuance and complexity of Invisibility via popular music genres 😉

Works: Seen × Unseen

Seen × UnseenDecember 5–30, 2020 at Radian GalleryReception Saturday, December 5, 2020 at 12 PM PST

News: Seen × Unseen Opens Dec 5th

Seen × UnseenDecember 5–30, 2020 at Radian GalleryReception Saturday, December 5, 2020 at 12 PM PST The Invisibility Collective and invited guest artists assemble an exhibition that is the culmination of months of virtual “COVID conversations” from the West Coast to the East Coast of the USA. Looking at various ways that people express their […]

Samira Shaheen: The Peace Clock

The Peace Clock installation can be relevant to many countries of conflict.  But It isEspecially relevant to Palestine and Israeli.  Any discussion of Palestine and Israeli is Bound to be controversial, and so is having an art exhibit about the subject. Samira Shaheen is using the language of art to bridge and explore her Palestinian roots and the issues that continue […]

Artists: Bijari

This Brazilian Art and Design Collective has developed projects that pertain to people who have had to flee and are no longer visible in their original communities (and often trying to remain hidden where they have fled). They’ve created empowering fabric murals painted on fabric with words that describe the history and current conditions of […]

Artist: Ping Chong

This artist remains a significant and vital contributor to the field as he not only activates the community around relevant issues but enlists actual community members to participate and collaborate in projects that are presented in a theatrical format to a broader audience. In listing the participants to tell their stories, Ping Chong re-edits the […]

Susan R. Kirshenbaum: Barbie on the Cusp

Susan R. Kirshenbaum’s work is about uncovering, revealing, and baring naked truths. It is personal, political, and feminist. From a figurative artist who draws models, to creating a personal narrative using iconic Barbie Dolls, Kirshenbaum has crossed over into new territory for her work. This project reflects a return to storytelling that is reminiscent of […]

Recommended Reading

The topic of invisibility is a vast and complex one—from hero superpower to weapon of racism. TIC member Rhiannon Evans MacFadyen shares articles regularly revisited and referenced.


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