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Samira Shaheen: The Peace Clock

The Peace Clock installation can be relevant to many countries of conflict.  But It isEspecially relevant to Palestine and Israeli.  Any discussion of Palestine and Israeli is Bound to be controversial, and so is having an art exhibit about the subject. Samira Shaheen is using the language of art to bridge and explore her Palestinian roots and the issues that continue to
Threaten Palestinians and a viable Palestinian statehood. She addresses the issues and experiences that divide Israelis and Palestinians: borders, walls, citizenship, Identity and family roots. The Peace Clock is  her personal answer to the on going struggle and to engage the audience.

The Peace Clock is a re-purposed clock transformed  into an interactive Peace Clock. The  exhibit aimed to create a Space to Mediate about peace between Palestinians and Israelis.  The viewers were invited to walk around the clock andWrite their message for peace. These messages were dropped in a box . They were also invited to write more Publicly on large sheets of paper that we’re collected every few days and shown at a later exhibit.  The PeaceClock was in 2 different exhibits one in 2015 and again in 2017.  As viewers engaged it was a profound experienceFor some, and a sobering reality for others that nothing has changed.

As one critic wrote about the exhibit “Rights of Passage” is an artistic journey of an American with roots in Palestine, it is a personal artistic narrative and a political response to thorny issues that prevent
The two cultures from co-existing. In this context the gallery itself becomes a Metaphor. By transforming the space, the language of art becomes a catalyst for Exploration of a peaceful resolution. Even as Israelis and Palestinians contest Over the rights of self determination a globally-recognized national identity.


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