We are…

Susan R. Kirshenbaum


Susan R. Kirshenbaum is a San Francisco-based figurative artist whose expressive, gestural work reflects a fresh, contemporary perspective on the female form that captures a moment and reflects an intimacy with her subjects. Kirshenbaum was encouraged early in life to pursue art. She grew up in a family of visual artists who started an art school, the Ivy School of Professional Art, in Pittsburgh, PA where she studied and worked throughout her life.


Rhiannon Evans MacFadyen

A San Francisco-born curator, consultant, and project-based artist, I have about 20 years of in-depth experience in the performing and visual arts. Inspired by “productive discomfort” and a multiplicity of identities, my curatorial focus is on projects that push boundaries of scale, scope, medium, venue, and dialogue, and my cross-discipline personal work engages symbols, identity, communication, and the unseen.


Lonnie Graham

Lonnie Graham, a Pew Fellow and Penn State Professor is former director of Photography at Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild in Pittsburgh, PA, where he developed innovative projects cited as a National Model for Arts Education.He created the “African/American Garden Project,” a cultural exchange between urban mothers and Kenyan farmers. Graham was cited as Artist of the Year and presented the Governor’s Award by Governor Rendell. He is the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts/Pew Charitable Trust Travel Grant for travel to Ghana and is a four time Pennsylvania Council for the Arts Fellowship recipient. His book “A Conversation with the World,” was published by Datz press in Seoul, Korea.Exhibitions include the Goethe Institute, Accra Ghana; Christchurch, New Zealand, La Maison de Etat-Unis, Paris, France, the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC.His TEDx talk is titled “Art as Tradition in Modern Culture.”


Christopher M. Tandy


Samira Shaheen

I’m an interdisciplinary artist with a focus on painting. Painting to me is a reflection of my experience in the world  For me, the process is to use the language of art, the juxtaposition of color, and lines.  My work can be abstract, representational or three dimensional, painted in oil, acrylic or watercolor. My multicultural background, activism and many travels inspire my art. Using memory and my emotional response I begin to map and explore these ideas as well as exploring the self in relation to the human condition: how societal morals, prejudices and our aggression toward each other affect us. 


Emeritus Members

Angela Tirrell

I founded a mural company 34 years ago in New York City after brief study of decorative painting in London, and after six years of administrating and fundraising in the visual and performing arts. I’ve been drawn since childhood towards becoming a fine artist, covered wall after wall in murals in my apartment and gave myself two years to prove I could support the lifestyle. Since then, I’ve painted figurative murals across the United States. In 1997 I painted a first large abstract piece in response to the death of a parent and instantly knew that my artistic purpose had shifted. Today, textural abstract painting characterizes the predominance of my creation.