Artist & Project Highlights

Artist: Ping Chong

This artist remains a significant and vital contributor to the field as he not only activates the community around relevant issues but enlists actual community members to participate and collaborate in projects that are presented in a theatrical format to a broader audience. In listing the participants to tell their stories, Ping Chong re-edits the discourse into compelling theatrical presentations. Members of the ad hoc theater company read the text of their own as well as others’ transcribed stories. This constitutes a compelling and inclusive presentation format.

—— Lonnie Graham

Ping Chong + Company produces theatrical works addressing the important cultural and civic issues of our times, striving to reach the widest audiences with the greatest level of artistic innovation and social integrity. The company was founded in 1975 by leading theatrical innovator Ping Chong with a mission to create works of theater and art that explore the intersections of race, culture, history, art, media and technology in the modern world. Today, Ping Chong + Company produces original works by a close-knit ensemble of affiliated artists, under the artistic leadership of Ping Chong. Productions range from intimate oral history projects to grand scale cinematic multidisciplinary productions featuring puppets, performers, and full music and projection scores. The art reveals beauty, precision, and a commitment to social justice.

From the artist’s website

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