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Announcing The Invisibility Collective

The Invisibility Collective is a collaborative group of nationally acclaimed artists, curators, and social activists exploring the deep experiences and complexity of the concept of Invisibility.

To date, members of the collective are located in the USA, with concentrations in the SF Bay Area and Pennsylvania. The Invisible Collective founding collaborators are: Susan R. Kirshenbaum (founder), Lonnie Graham, Rhiannon Evans MacFadyen, Samira Shaheen, and Angela Tirrell.


The Invisibility Project was founded by San Francisco-based artist Susan R. Kirshenbaum—initially conceived as a curatorial project in late 2019 exploring the invisibility and aging. During “sheltering in place” in the midst of the first months of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Kirshenbaum decided to expand upon her project to honor the multi-faceted breadth of the concept of “invisibility” and invited a handful of nationally-acclaimed artists, curators, and social activists with a variety of backgrounds to form a collaborative group known as The Invisible Collective.

The Invisibility Project makes use of this site, multi-media art exhibitions and installations, a series of conversations, and workshops to alert the public and to convey the many facets of invisibility and to reflect a shift from the unseen to the seen

Created while sheltering in place means working virtually for the time being. Eventually we want to expand into a large-scale physical exposition with pavilions where we create and experience our new version of the classic “Family of Man (People)”. We are starting small, with individual projects, but we have big plans.

During the course of these projects we believe we can expand our reach and increase our impact by teaming up with established artistic and cultural institutions. If your non-profit organization has an interest in being a part of our program please contact us.


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